Legal Due Diligence/ Audit


Legal Due Diligence is generally carried out at the time of acquisition of a business by another business. While Legal Audit can be carried out at any time to check the legal framework of a business be it sole-proprietorship, partnership, Private or Public Limited Company or any other form of institute.

The benefit of Legal Due Diligence/Audit is that it helps in identifying the gaps/deficiencies in the documents supporting the legal framework of an organization, so that the same may be plugged in to avoid any compliance, legal or litigation risk. Hence Legal Due Diligence/Audit not only contain review of these documents but also include appropriate advices to take appropriate actions.

Scope of work

During the Legal Due Diligence/Audit, we generally review the following:

  1. Accounts
  2. Articles & Memorandum of Association and
  3. Agreement for acquisition of the company
  4. Agreements with Suppliers, Vendors and Customers
  5. Trade Mark registration
  6. Licenses, permits, approvals, permissions
  7. NTN, Sales Tax Registration, SRB Registration, SESSI, EOBI registration numbers and certificates.
  8. Title documents of the properties, vehicles along with warranties, insurance etc.
  9. Certificates of various Patents, Trade Marks etc.
  10. Policies & Procedures
  11. Pending Litigation, its status etc.
  12. Any other document.

In lieu of the Legal Due Diligence/Audit our report contains the following:

  1. Documents reviewed
  2. Summary of the document
  3. Issues identified and
  4. Recommendations

Our strength

AH&Co. is the only law firm of Pakistan, who has an industry experienced Fellow of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan cum Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan, also extensively worked in External and Internal audit. There are other industry experienced advocates also, hence AH&Co. has the due capability and capacity to carry out Legal Due Diligence/Audit.

The recommendations in our report also help in improving the Internal Control System.



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